AGM 2018

Annual General Meeting of CLC Inc

20th October 2018 – 4.00pm
130 Power St, Hawthorn, VIC

President: Jennifer Gardner
Vice President: Michael Gardner
Secretary: Debbie dela Paz
Ordinary Members:
Ann Hoare
Paris Huffman
Veronica Hendriks

Doreen Roache, Michael Gray, Judy Foster, Anita Mueller, Gabrielle Mercer, Noreen & Bill Nicolson, June Duffy, Mary Wade, Kevin & Patrice Wringe, Michael Walker, Kerry Cirillo, Janine Hellard, Anna Munari, Mary Nolan, Sr Mary O’Shannesy, Janelle McCarthy, James O’Brien, Khachig Kabakjian, Iain Radvan SJ

Apologies: Melton Mowbray, Anne Jervis, Kay Hooper, Helen & Jeffrey Cantwell

Confirmation of Minutes of the last meeting 7th  October 2017 accepted by Janine Hellard and seconded by Doreen Roache

Annual Report
Report of activities for 2016-2017 – Prepared and presented by Jenny Gardner, deputy chair, NEXCO

Financial Statements
Prepared and presented by Chris Gardner. Attached.  Accepted by Janine and seconded by Anna

Special Projects Fund
Prepared and presented by Chris Gardner.
Michael Gardner and Khachig Kabakjian provided signatures to forms stating that financial statements presented to the AGM gave a true and fair view for the financial performance and position of Christian Life Community Inc.

Election of Committee
That members of NEXCO are committee for Christian Life Community Inc. Moved by Sr Mary, seconded by Anna Munari
Confirm that no changes to membership fee. Moved by Mary Nolan, seconded by Ann Hoare

Issue raised

  • 260 paid registered members of the 300+ names on database
  • Life members
  • Ideas on how to connect older people who cannot attend meetings but want to stay connected, and who are not tech savvy
  • Overcome distance problems with young people using technology
  • Regions to have a list of elderly members
  • Invite an elderly person to host a CLC meeting
  • Identifying people in the region & ask them what they need to stay connected/be engaged
  • Give them a lift to events
  • Visit those in far to reach areas when a member is in the vicinity
  • Using technology to connect people in distant areas
  • Use Gooley book
  • How to engage the youth

Jenny thanked the people who attended virtually and in person. The meeting acknowledged the amount and quality of work for 2017-2018.
Meeting closed at 5.10pm.