About Christian Life Community Australia

CLC enables us to commit ourselves

• To bring the freeing power of Christ to our social reality.

• To find Christ in all our varied cultures and to let His grace illuminate all that needs transformation

• To live Christ so as to bring Him to every aspect of our daily life in the world.


• is a lay international Catholic organisation
• is a world community lived out in small local communities
• has a common way of life based on the SPIRITUAL EXERCISES OF ST IGNATIUS
• has members from all walks of life
• helps members to respond more fully to God
• helps me find God in my experience
• helps me to integrate my faith and life
• helps me to make decisions for more effective action

CLC may be for you if:

• You are searching for something more from your faith;

• You want to deepen your faith and express it in your daily loving;

• You feel a need to bring together your whole human life with the fullness of your Christian belief;

• You feel the urge to work for peace and justice;

• You long to be part of a living, supportive community of like-minded Christians.

Australian Priorities 2012 – 2016
At the CLC National Assembly 2012 we discerned to continue Christ’s mission in the world by focussing on the following priorities:

To grow our membership
To nourish our members
To offer CLC to young adults
To outreach to diverse groups
To have one collective apostolic work
To network with other ministries
To work as a national community
To celebrate 450 years of Ignatian lay groups
To make available formal commitment
To ensure good communication and administration
To use the First Spiritual Exercise

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