How CLC Members Gather

Our gift of self finds its expression in a personal commitment to the world community through a freely chosen local community with a focus of sharing responsibility for mission.

Our groups are small, usually with six to eight members. We meet regularly in order to develop friendship and a community spirit among ourselves by praying, sharing some of life’s experience together, helping and supporting each other in our Christian faith and our daily lives.

The pattern of meetings varies, but most of the following are normally included:

“Check-in”: After a short period of silence, members are invited to share in a few words, an image or phrase, an awareness of what is happening in them at that moment, on their arrival at the meeting.

Prayer: The prayer time often includes some music and a quiet time (of about 10 minutes) to reflect on a scripture passage or some prayer material.

Sharing on the life of each person since the last meeting. This is done in a listening/discerning mode.

Exchange on an issue or common theme or something someone raises, or a personal decision for feedback from the discerning community.

Business, practicals, input

Evaluation of the meeting

Closing prayer

A fuller description is found in Components of a Meeting.

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