Our Priorities

On July 7th delegates from NEXCO and each regional EXCO assembled to discern our National priorities for 2016-2020. Together we reflected on and prayed the scripture Isaiah 11:1 “A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a branch will bear fruit.” We also celebrated our 40th Anniversary of CLC in Australia.


Our discerned priorities are:


To Develop Lay Leadership and Spiritual Formation

As members of CLC, we are people called to live our baptismal charism which requires reading the signs of our times. In doing so, we recognise the emerging role and vocation of the laity and CLC in the Church and the wider world. We will contribute to lay leadership and spiritual formation in the wider community by offering formation experiences and programs that will enable participants to develop a deeper relationship with God, raise their awareness of their relationship with all of creation and release their gifts for mission.

We will use any formation opportunities based on Ignatian Spirituality, the CLC charism and other appropriate sources.


To Care for all Creation

Given the environmental crisis and the social teaching of the Church about caring for our common home, this Assembly states our commitment, individually and communally, to the aim of living out God’s desire for creation by:

  • Acknowledging Indigenous wisdom of living in harmony;
  • Living a simple lifestyle;
  • Valuing our resources;
  • Recognizing the gift of creation;
  • Raising awareness of respect for the sacredness of creation;
  • Fostering personal engagement with the environment; and
  • Accepting responsibility to repair and restore the health of the Earth.


To Act Against Poverty and Marginalisation

CLC will work to change hearts and minds towards the poor and marginalised and in action be inclusive and welcoming by:

  • Supporting & publicising the works of CLC members;
  • Supporting the ministries of JSS, JRS and CAPSA and other like ministries; and
  • Prioritising refugee support and integration into the wider community.

Additional priorities that are ongoing from our previous Assembly in 2012 are:

  1. Grow our membership including broadening our demographics.
  2. Nourish our membership and provide ongoing formation for members in the CLC way of life.
  3. Explore culturally appropriate ways to offer CLC to young adults and accompany them.
  4. Outreach to diverse groups of people and share the treasure of Ignatian Spirituality and CLC way of life.
  5. Embrace at least one collective apostolic work.
  6. Network with existing ministries and organizations for more effective apostolic work.
  7. Ensure CLCA is working as a National Community.
  8. Maintain effective structures and communication within CLC.
  9. Use Multimedia resources.
  10. Maintain CLC finances in a careful and prudent way.
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