Formation For Mission

March 30, 2010

The World CLC Assembly in Fatima, Portugal, August 2008, made certain recommendations for National Communities to include in their “way of proceeding”.

Attention must be paid to adapting formation to different stages of life,different social and cultural environments, families and younger members. It must adapt to changing realities within and outside CLC.

Here, in Australia, we are indebted to the NSW Formation Team, and more recently, the Victorian Formation Team, who have taken us through successive reflection material, and specific spiritual exercises under the banner of National Formation Groups, up to, and immediately following the World Assembly.

In October 2009, the National Executive Council (NEXCO) discerned that in light of the recommendations of Fatima, they would appoint a National Formation Group that would consult closely with State EXCOs, guides and CLC members.
The intention of this group is to carry forward, in formation activities, such things as:

Integrating the dynamic of Discerning, Sending, Supporting and Evaluating into national and local communities.
Encouraging exchanges of information, formation material and personal experiences so all members can identify with our emerging apostolic body.
Evaluating our national current approach to commitment by having a renewed look at the meaning and importance of both Temporary and Permanent Commitment.
Adapting formation to different stages of life, different cultural and social environments, families and younger members.
Providing Formation that is oriented towards mission and financial co-responsibility.
Emphasising the importance of the Spiritual Exercises.
Promoting the formation and support of guides, in collaboration with the Society of Jesus.
Making available leadership modules from the Rome International Formation Encounter.

These recommendations from the Assembly “Journeying as an Apostolic Body: Our response to this grace from God”, will form the basis of future formation in CLC Australia.

We are praying for the grace “to open up ways for others”. Please join us in this.

Progressio Supplement #64 “The Process of Growth in CLC- Guidelines for Formation” can be accessed by following the link:

If you wish to have contact with the National Formation Group this can be done through Chris Gardner, Co-ordinator, at:

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