Growth and Visibility

The Growth and Visibility group agreed on two stages of focus. The first was to design a bookmark for distribution at World Youth Day in Sydney this July. The second was to produce a new brochure and look at other means of growth and promotion.

The CLC bookmark has been printed with the fantastic help of Noreen Nicholson and will be given to each MAGiS08 pilgrim who will participate in an Experiment prior to WYD. The bookmark will also be available at a Youth Festival event sponsored by MAGiS for World Youth Day being held at St Aloysius.

A new brochure is in the design stage from Noreen and Michael McGirr.

A flow chart plan for growth and visibility of CLC was created by Quentin Evans. Kay Hooper and I met with Jenny Mansell-Black to discuss the plan and we hope to distribute the outcomes in the near future.

Lisa Beer

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