Australian CLC Governance Documents

Rules for the Incorporated Association of Christian Life Community

CLC is an incorporated Association registered with Consumer Affairs, Victoria in compliance with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012

CLC is also registered with Australian Charities and Not- for -Profit Commission. (ACNC)

National Statutes of Christian Life Community Australia

“Each national community of the World Christian Life Community establishes its own statutes in conformity with the General Principles and General Norms and the stage of development of the national community.” General Norm 35 The accompanying National Statutes for CLC Australia (developed in the period from1996 – 2014) were accepted and approved by CLC NEXCO at the meeting of the NEXCO and the Chairpersons of each Regional EXCO on 19th October 2014 and will be confirmed at the National Assembly in July 2016.

Risk Assessment

Protocol for events organised in the name of CLC Inc.

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