Guidelines for members experiencing cognitive decline

Guidelines/Principles for when CLC group members are experiencing cognitive or physical decline

In CLC it is our mission to be sensitive and supportive in responding with love to our fellow group members who are experiencing cognitive or physical decline. As we look at an emerging situation,
when it arises, we do so with a spirit of discernment, conscious that we are friends in the Lord, whilst acknowledging our need of prayer and the importance of listening to the Spirit as we look at the situation(s) in faith.

Some important principles:

• Anything that we do should be underpinned by awareness, sensitivity and support.

• Every situation is unique and must be approached as such.

• In every situation there needs to be a balance between the person experiencing decline and other group members. What is best for the person and what meets the needs of the group?

• It is inevitable that the scenario will change as the person ages.

• The guide has an important role and should encourage ongoing and sensitive conversation about the situation.

• Those who are experiencing cognitive and/or physical decline (and we all are to some extent) can often continue to contribute to the life of the group and the wider CLC, even with their limitations.

• If a person withdraws from the group, it is important that members keep contact with that person where possible. Eg Phone contact, visiting, ensure they receive Annotations.

• Groups are to be encouraged to be as creative as possible in their response to the situation they are facing. This can be a matter for group discernment and prayer. We seek to engage in group/communal discernment when individual’s needs change and new challenges arise. It may be helpful to reflect on the history of the group, and also face the reality of now.

• Guides are encouraged to seek wisdom and guidance from others in CLC through the Guide Formation network or through their EXCO or NEXCO.

• Practical tools include: use of hybrid model (in person and on zoom),develop transport roster, flexible meeting places, roster to accompany person on Zoom in their home.

Endorsed by NEXCO 11/07/2021

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