Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of CLC Australia Inc

8th October 2022 – 3pm-4pm (AEST) 

President: Jenny Gardner
Vice-President: Anna Munari
Secretary: Debbie dela Paz
Treasurer: Stephen Game
Ordinary Members: Ann Hoare, Paris Huffman, Marj Morrissey, James O’Brien (Ex Officio WEXCO)
Ecclesial Assistant: Fr Iain Radvan SJ

Michael Walker, Kevin Wringe, Leonie Rastas, Christine Power, Chris Gardner, Jennifer Gribble, Trish Collier, Liz Porra, Megan Thompson, Doreen Roache, Maria Shelley, Jeff Cantwell, Helen Cantwell, Mary McInerney, Kerry Cirillo, Rom Cirillo, Mary O’Shannessy, Chris Harkness, Kay Hooper, Margaret Heys, Marie Slyth, Maureen Atkins, Marlene Beck, Anne Zervis, Nicole Pryor, Gabrielle Mercer, Noreen Nicholson, Bill Nicholson, Jan Duque, Mary Nolan, May Buny Dr Sandie Cornish (41)

Apologies: Lyn Bloom, Chris Longman, Mary Wade, Gabrielle Jarvis, Nicholas and Kerry Galante, Ros Cook, Selina Quilty, Margaret Wiseman, Susan Wright, Susie Hii (11)

Welcome: Jenny Gardner

Acknowledgement of Country: Marj Morrissey

Prayer: Paris Huffman, Leonie Rastas

Confirmation of Minutes of the last meeting on 1st October 2021.


Accepted:  Anna Munari               Seconded: Chris Power

Annual Report – Report of activities for 20212022 Prepared and presented by Jenny Gardner, President of CLC Australia Inc

Accepted:    Iain Radvan SJ                     Seconded: Paris Huffman

Financial Statements – Prepared and presented by Stephen Game.

Special Projects Fund- Prepared and presented by Stephen Game.

Accepted:  Kevin Wringe               Seconded: Mary McInerney

Election of Committee: Motion to elect members of NEXCO as the committee for Christian Life Community Inc. Put forward by Jenny Gardner, moved by  Trish Collier and seconded by Kay Hooper.

General discussion: Looking back on the year, this is an opportunity for individuals to share.

  • Membership
  • Acknowledged work done by NEXCO & EXCO
  • Invitation to attend an inter-faith service on climate justice
  • Remembering Fr Patrick O’Sullivan (1st anniversary May 2023)
  • NEXCO has a draft plan for a combined National Gathering & Assembly in 2024, possibly in VIC

Thank you from Jenny Gardner for people’s attendance and participation.

Closing Prayer: Fr Iain Radvan SJ