Christian Life Community in Australia puts great value on treating others with dignity, equity and respect particularly when meeting in any groups. This code of conduct has been written to ensure that interactions among members are carried out in a manner that reflects this.


Members of CLC in Australia:

  • Respect the rights and views of others
  • Listen and seek to understand different points of view (this does not necessarily mean agreeing with the point of view)
  • Act and communicate courteously with others
  • Create an atmosphere of collaboration, honesty and trust
  • Be fair, sensitive and considerate to the needs of others
  • Consider the option of intervening constructively when a member’s behaviour is clearly in breach of this Code.


Principles of Privacy and Confidentiality need to be adhered to within CLC in Australia at all times.

With regard to the Safeguarding of Children, CLC supports the Province Code of Conduct. (Australian Province of the Society of Jesus Code of Conduct Approved 17/09/202).

The Grievance Procedure for CLC in Australia is in the Constitution and can be found here Rules of CLC Inc pages 7-8.