Reflections in Preparation for World Assembly

Dear Friends in CLC,

As you may know, CLC is a World Community – a community across over 60 countries. For most of our life in CLC we are focussed on our small group. When we go to Gatherings we are aware of our region, but just occasionally we are invited to look more broadly and see the amazing richness and diversity of our whole worldwide community. In July 2018, representatives of all those communities will be coming together in Buenos Aires for a World Assembly.
At the Assembly we will be undertaking a profound discernment on how to bring the unifying, healing, apostolic and renewing grace of our CLC spirituality to the heart of the Church and the challenges and frontiers of the world today.“ (Projects 168)

In Australia we offer you three reflections for use in your group as a means of engaging with the theme of the World Assembly and linking to it.

The context of the World Assembly in which we will meet has three elements:

The 50-year anniversary of CLC – a time of celebration, review and evaluation.
A church in renewal through Pope Francis – he talks often of mercy, joy, inclusivity, caring for the earth and personally leading lives of discernment and conversion.
A renewed call to the laity in our world today – his call is to engage more deeply and humbly in a spirit of collaborative service.

Together, these realities seem to contain the seeds of a deeper renewal for our CLC world community, of our personal vocations in life and for the strengthening of our apostolic presence in the world.
The three reflections we are offering you are entitled:

The Gift of CLC to Me.
Deepening the gift of CLC through the invitation of Pope Francis.
How do we use the gifts that we receive so that CLC is a living witness to joy in the world.

These reflections will be sent to all guides and will be available on our CLC website from the middle of March 2018.

With every blessing

Jenny Gardner, Di McKenzie and Debbie Dela Paz (on behalf of NEXCO)

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