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World CLC Charism and Foundational Documents

The spirituality of our Community is centred on Christ and on participation in the Paschal Mystery.

It draws from Sacred Scriptures, the liturgy, the doctrinal development of the Church, and the revelation of God’s will through the events of our times. Within the context of these universal sources, we hold the Spiritual Exercises as the specific source and characteristic instrument of our spirituality. (G.P.5)

Spiritual Exercises and Selected Works

“Ignatius of Loyola: Spiritual Exercises and Selected Works (Classics of Western Spirituality)”

General Principles

The General Principles of the Christian Life Community are a description of our vision and charism. These principals are not a set of rules and regulations, but a vision for living out in community Christ’s invitation to be Church in a particular way. They were approved by the World Assembly on 7 September, 1990 and confirmed by the Holy See on 3 December, 1990. Progressio Suplement No. 63 – available for purchase from National CLC Office.

The CLC Charism

The CLC Charism helps us to understand and implement the General Principles. It has three sections: The CLC Person; The CLC Community and Commitment in CLC. Progressio Supplement No. 56. December 2001.

Eclesiastical Assistant

The role of the Eclesiastical Assistant in CLC

The Process of Growth in CLC – Guidelines for formation

This document is a comprehensive guide to CLC processes of growth as experienced at the personal and the communal levels. It also addresses the matter of community organization and the various roles to facilitate all aspects of CLC formation and functioning. Progressio Supplement No. 64. October 2009–available for purchase from National CLC Office.

Predecessors of Foundational Documents

Predecessors of the above document are;
Survey of the Formation Processes in the Christian Life Communities (CLC). Growing in Christ Together the Better to Give Life to Others,
The CLC Charism – Guidelines for CLC Formation. Progressio Supplement No. 45, 46. December 1996

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