Ecology and Justice

(Chris Gardner, Co-ordinator)

Following discernment by the CLC Community at the Gathering/Assembly in January 2008 our involvement with Justice and Ecological issues became an area of mission.

The vision expressed at the Assembly was “to raise awareness of Ecological and Justice Issues and become active where God is calling us – having a faith that does justice”.

In order to engage all CLC members on mission, a plan was drawn up, by the members with an interest in these areas of mission, and placed for all members to access via this website.

Prayers, reading material, retreat resources, reflections and references to Ignatian charism are located here on the website.

As a common special theme for 2011 we thought that some Apostolic Action or reflection could be made with reference to “Wind/Spirit” in our individual and communal lives. How we go about this depends upon further discernment in our individual lives and our local and State Communities.

Whilst justice towards all creation is our overall theme there are connections on the website to working collaboratively with our Jesuit Apostolic Partners. For example, some of us may wish to become involved with the Jesuits in “Our Global Apostolic Response to Globalisation and Marginalisation”. Others may become involved with other justice issues through Caritas or other connections.

We will feature some of these stories in Annotations from time to time. If you would like to contribute any material on this area of mission please do so. It will inspire us all. Because we all feel overwhelmed with these justice issues we need some sources of hope and inspiration.

If there are any blatant justice issues that you wish to bring to the attention of the National Executive of CLC then you can do so through contacting the CLC link in this area of mission. The National Executive, with you and the States, will discern the response and take appropriate action.

Contact can be made with the current National Executive Link person on Ecology and Justice issues at any time. Contact Chris Gardner on (08)93324532 or

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