In memoriam

Jesus told Martha, “I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if them/they die, will live.”

John 11:25-26


In loving memory of our past members in CLC, below is a list so we can always remember them.


Name Date of Death (if known)
Blythe Rachele
Borger John Matthew 2008
Burns Tom
Coleman Jerry SJ EA
Collins John
Conal Tiddy 4 September 2018
Cryan Martin Br CFC May 1990
Drury John SJ
Fitzpatrick Elizabeth 2 November 2018
Gillies Tess 29 July 2020
Hogan Maxine
Hubers Tina
Kendall Bill 25 February 2006
Kennedy Mary Sr FCJ
Kornis Agnes
Lakesmith Tom SJ 18 August 2009
Moira Thomas August 2019
Morris Merle
Morton Kath
Morton Kathleen 6 November 2020
Mueller Ron
Mulock Ron Sep 2014
Nixon Fred
Nolan John
Noort Corrrie est. 1996
Nunn Gwen est. 1997
O’Shannesy Marion Sr est. 2005
O’Shea Delphine SR 2009
Pat Ahern
Patrice Wringe 9 September 2020
Penry Kevin SJ
Price Michael est. 2006
Quilty Bill
Quinlan Tim SJ 19 May 2001
Reilly John SJ 15 March 2017
Samuel King Mark 6 December 2013
Schneider Geoffrey SJ
Slattery Jim 3 June 1997
Smith Mina November 1991
Stewart Honor
Sullivan Margret 2000
Tiller Mary

* If you would like to have a name added/removed from the list, please email

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