Our World Structure

Christian Life Community is a world-wide community composed of small groups of women and men who seek to unite their human life in all its dimensions with the fullness of Christian faith.

These small groups can be found in nearly sixty countries around the world.

The World (General) Assembly is the governing body of CLC. It is made up of the World Executive Council and the delegation of each National Community and is held every five years.

At the World Assembly a World Executive Council (ExCo) is elected to carry out the decisions of the Assembly.

CLC is made up of persons at different stages of growth and identification with the World Community of CLC body: there are members with a full commitment to this way of life, there are members with a temporary commitment and there are members still undecided whether they are called into CLC by the Lord. Quite often there is a larger group of people coming to CLC in order to use certain elements for the peace of their souls but not ready yet to make a greater commitment to its goals and programs.

Unity among members is fostered by the General Principles, the World Assemblies, the World Executive Council, national and local coordinating bodies. In Australia, these are the National Executive Council and the State Executive Councils.

Membership: Members participate in the life of the community at several concentric levels. The local community (also called “small CLC community” or simply “group”) is part of a wider community (State Community and National Community). The National Communities officially established, form the World Community. Each local community/group has a Guide and consists of six to eight members who meet regularly – usually once a fortnight.

Each National Community as a branch of the World Community establishes its own statutes in conformity with the General Principles and General Norms. At present there are 56 National Communities officially established.

The World Assembly: This General Assembly is the supreme governing body of CLC. It is made up of the World Executive Council and the delegation of each National Community. Each delegation will consist normally of three delegates, one of whom should be the Ecclesiastical Assistant or his representative [GN 15]. This World Assembly meets every five years and determines norms and policies, giving the main directions for the period to come.

The World Executive Council (ExCo) is responsible for the ordinary government of the Community. It is made up of members elected at the Assembly and appointed members. The ExCo is responsible for implementing the directions given by the Assembly.

In Australia, the governing body is the National Assembly which is held every four years. The National Assembly is attended by a delegation of a maximum of 6 members from each of the State Executive Councils in each of the five mainland States ( New South Wales , Queensland , South Australia , Victoria and Western Australia ). The National Assembly elects a National Executive Council (ExCo) The ExCo is responsible for implementing the directions given by the Assembly.

Each of the States named above have a leadership team Executive Council (ExCo) which has established various ways of being in touch with members, of assessing needs, and responding to them, of building community and providing formation. Each ExCo conducts a regular State Assembly .
Every four years a National Gathering is held to which all CLC members in Australia are invited.

Each National Community elects a National Executive Committee at their National Assembly.

The 2008 World Assembly was held in Fatima, Portugal (above).

Australia is a member of the Asia Pacific Region. The delegates above attended the World Assembly in 2008.

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