Three Week Retreat In Daily Life

A 3 week Retreat in Daily Life (RIDL) is for those who have a desire to deepen their relationship with the Lord by spending some time with him in quiet prayer.

There are many different ways of praying, and it is helpful to give time to God consistently over some weeks so that he can teach us the way of prayer which most suits us.

Often, it is in the quiet of prayer that God enables us to understand ourselves better and to feel more at peace with ourselves and our daily life.

The RIDL is an excellent form of retreat for busy people, as it links prayer with daily occupations, and it helps one to recognise the presence of the Lord in the happenings of each day.

This type of retreat is particularly suited for those:

  • who have felt the desire to spend some quiet days in a retreat house, but do not have the opportunity to do so;
  • who feel that they would like to learn to pray but do not know how to begin;
  • who pray, yet feel the need for some help and advice in order to grow in their prayer life.

There will be no major change to one’s ordinary day. It is a retreat in “daily life”, i.e. one continues with ordinary daily routine but finds time during the day for some quiet prayer.

During the retreat one meets with a spiritual director to talk about prayer.

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