Different times

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March 2, 2020
Hope and Love In a Time of Pandemic
April 4, 2020

Different times

Dear CLCers,

Which of you would have believed our lives now if someone had told you that come March we would all be shut in, entertainment limited to the internet, social engagements out of the question, planes ceasing their to and fro in the sky above, and hundreds of people dying every day in Italy and Spain?

While our self-isolation is hard to bear, and some people have been a bit crazy with toilet rolls, it is remarkable how, for the most part, people are taking their responsibilities seriously, and even working hard to ensure the well-being of others. And there is so much on line by way of spiritual exercises!

My CLC group met last fortnight by Zoom and it actually worked! And everyone could be present even those restricted to their apartment.

Personally, so far, I have not found that ‘free time’ offered to those unable to work – I am still reading and writing – have you?

What consolations have come your way even while struggling with loss and anxiety?

Iain Radvan


  1. This is my first week working from home and – I love it! It saves so much time travelling to and from work and the quiet time enables me to reflect and work much better. However, I miss the outdoors, especially the outdoor pool which is now closed. But I am now on my bike, which I am enjoying. It has also been interesting chatting with my family via Whatsapp and seeing how each of them are living through this lock down in different countries. My eldest brother & family in Vietnam, my other brother & family in Malaysia, and my sister who was recently evacuated from Rome (gulp!) by the Malaysian government. In quarantine in Malaysia now and getting a very royal treatment, I much say. Well… I now have more time on my hands and I can even blog :-). Take care everyone – one day we’ll be able to hug each other again. But for now, stay 1.5m away eh!

  2. Our group, Moombaki, met last night by Zoom. Despite some concern as to how it might work, we all found it very nurturing and encouraging. After over 30 years of meeting face to face each fortnight, I think we all felt pleased that we could adapt to the online platform and reflect on Scripture, pray and share together fairly easily!! There was a general agreement that we all feel ‘somewhat unsettled’ by these ‘different times’- there is sadness at not being able to be with family, especially grandchildren, there is anxiety as to how long this emergency is going to last, there is concern for those who have lost their jobs, are seriously ill or just very lonely at this time and there is concern over what is too risky and what is not, what are we allowed to do now and what are we not allowed to do??
    We are very thankful for our CLC community and grateful to be able to meet in this new way and encourage others to ‘give it a go.’ If you need help, you can contact Khachig, Chris Gardner or Kay Hooper, who are all very familiar with Zoom. khachig (khachig1975@yahoo.com); Kay Hooper kay.hooper@bigpond.com Chris Gardner mjgard@iinet.net.au
    Jenny Gardner

  3. Our group had our first ‘virtual’ meeting via Skype, however, we had to shift to Whatsapp halfway through the meeting because our audio got disconnected. Despite the minutes of technical confusion, we managed to continue the meeting and find ourselves grateful to still be together. My greatest consolation as a guide is to see the eagerness of my group to meet even if technology was involved. They were happy to give it a go! Things have changed since we last met and everyone was starting to feel the ‘new normal’ especially with regard to social interactions. We agreed that it is quite important to continue meeting and sharing with like-hearted people in times of uncertainty. It is through our conversations in a ‘virtual’ circle that we feel the presence of the loving/active Trinity and this is exactly what we need to face what is to yet to come.
    Having siblings and friends who are in lockdown for a month meant being able to catch-up with them more often and getting a better picture of what’s really happening in their part of the world…no fake news.
    The confusion created by conflicting announcements about school was a cause of anxiety, but I now consider myself lucky that I am not yet in total isolation as schools have remained open. I don’t cope well with staying indoors for a long period of time so I am starting to think of how to deal with the coming school holidays. Any suggestions?

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