New wine, new wineskin!

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June 26, 2021
Newsletter of the Wellington CLC – June 2021
July 2, 2021

New wine, new wineskin!

Bishop Vincent Long (Parramatta) has written a great piece on the Plenary. “In many areas, Australia punches above its weight. Could we be a leading light in the struggle for a more fit-for-purpose Church in this place and in this time? Could Australian Catholics rise to the challenge and co-create the synodal Church that Pope Francis has envisaged? While the Plenary Council may not address all of the issues of importance, it is certainly worth the effort in discerning the roadmap for the future.” and “What the Church needs is not simply a renewal or an updating of methods of evangelising. Rather, what we desperately need is an inner conversion, a radical revolution in our mindsets and patterns of action.” And “The new wine of God’s unconditional love, radical inclusivity and equality needs to be poured into new wineskins of humility, mutuality, compassion and powerlessness. The old wineskins of triumphalism, authoritarianism and supremacy, abetted by clerical power, superiority, and rigidity, are breaking.” To read the paper in full, see

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  1. Ann Hoare Ann Hoare says:

    Thanks for this Iain. What a wonderful prophetic voice Bishop Long is. I hope we all have the hope and courage to follow his lead.

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