Questions for Jesus e-Course

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September 27, 2020
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October 25, 2020

Questions for Jesus e-Course

I endorse this course on praying from a CLC Member who has recently completed the full Spiritual Exercises. He says” this way of praying has many points of contact with what I’ve learnt of Ignatian spirituality (through CLC & the 30-week Spiritual Exercises).
So I think it will be of special interest and a great resource, for those involved with CLC.”

Chris Gardner


Questions for Jesus e-Course

Many of us grew up learning to pray about the business of being a Christian.  We ask for help to do the right thing, pray that our relatives will know God or petition him to bless what we are doing for him. We ask forgiveness about the things we do wrong, and return repeatedly for direction and confirmation, so we’re certain we know what we’re supposed to do. Our prayers feel like work – which is no surprise, because that’s what our prayers are about: work.


And those are good prayers, but as Christians, it’s so easy to make our whole prayer life into something where we’re talking about the business all the time. What about the romantic side of your relationship with God? When was the last time you asked Jesus to tell you what he likes about you?


This way of praying is called ‘praying your desire’ or ‘Questions for Jesus’. A cool thing about desires is that God designed us to be desire-driven, and put desire in our hearts to draw us to Him, because He is the true object of our desire. Desires will draw us to His heart. Praying our desires connects us romantically with God, which is the relationship He wants to have with us. It gets us out of treating Jesus like a boss and into treating Him like a friend and lover. Join us for this e-course and start learning to pray your desires!


Dates: Oct.31st – Dec.19th (8 weeks)

When: Live calls over Zoom on Saturdays, 11.30 am – 12.45 pm ADST

Cost: US $29 (~ AUD 41)

Organised by: Kerygma Australia in partnership with Great Relationships (USA)


Please click here to enquire about the course and how to register:

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