The Catholic Church curia vs Jesus?

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March 6, 2021
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April 3, 2021

The Catholic Church curia vs Jesus?

Last week the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith issued a statement which in its blunt manner felt abusive to me and to those it was directed to. It re-iterated the traditional Catholic teaching that disapproves of same sex attraction, love and union. Nothing was gained by this document, but certainly more was lost. Even Pope Francis seems to be implicated. I don’t think Jesus would have endorsed it – after all, he shared his bread with those called sinners.

A fellow Jesuit penned this response with which I agree.

“The union between a gay couple cannot be a sin. The union is a deeper friendship brought together by love, authentic love in essence is the absence of sin.

The Church needs to appreciate that a gay union has the potential to procreate – maybe not babies, but certainly love. The witness of love between a gay couple can breathe love into the church and into the world as much as a heterosexual relationship can. It is the blessing of this love that some gay Catholics are asking for. No one is asking God to bless sin.

We the church are a pilgrim people, walking this journey together. We are all unique, with different gifts, vocations, sexuality, gender, and so on. These gifts are fruits for the journey. Sometimes we are sure we know the way, only to find out much later that there was a shorter, less bumpy, and scenic way. At times we might make a wrong turn and have stop on the side of the road to get our bearings. Sometimes we are leading the way, and sometimes we fall back. Being part of the Church is walking this journey together to the common destination. We know that at the destination everyone regardless of sexual identity or marital status is welcomed. Let us bless love and allow love to be the fuel of our journey to our common home.”


  1. Ann Hoare Ann Hoare says:

    Thank you Iain for penning this acknowledgement of love. A young relative of mine was gay and he had an enormous capacity for love – of family, friends, his faith and life. He not only exuded love but he inspired it in everyone he met. Jesus would have loved him very much.

  2. I want to endorse the sentiments expressed by Iain in regard to the recognition that love is love and is of God.

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