W.A. Amiens, Day 5

Assembly Open Day
August 7, 2023
Great to see Amiens Event Happening
August 8, 2023

W.A. Amiens, Day 5

During this morning, which was lit with bright sunshine (!), all the Assembly heard a talk from Father General Sosa, who also answered some good questions very well. He spoke of St Ignatius having a ‘hope mode’ (rather than a flight mode). He also said, ‘CLC is not here to take up space – rather to intiate new paths and processes.’

We joyfully welcomed four new national members into the global commmunity: New Zealand, Ethiopia, Sweden and Slovakia.

The interpreters are constantly giving messages to the speakers to SLOW DOWN as they can’t keep up (instant tanslation into English, French or Spanish as required). There are other languages heard in the dining room but I haven’t heard much German or Italian (Kiswahili, Swedish, Latvian, Korean, Japanese, etc).

Our creativity and drawing ability was put to the test in the afternoon as we were asked to reflect on the question, ‘Where do I see hope manifested in our national community?’, and then to come up with a drawing that captured our common response.

Lastly, before the Eucharist, we had a session for questions about the Wexco reports, and voted to accept them.

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  1. I’m so happy to see New Zealand join World CLC. It’s been a long, determined journey and CLC Australia is joyful to have accompanied them.

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