July 16, 2019
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February 9, 2020


The very small country farming community of Glenaladale near Bairnsdale in East Gippsland Victoria is saying NO to the Kalbar Resources proposed mineral sand mine in their area. There has been a number of information even-ing held to inform the local community of the pros and cons of this proposal.
The Bairnsdale CLC group has serious concerns about this proposed development with regard to the potential negative environmental, health, social and economic consequences of the proposed mine.

Some of our worries are the impact the mine and its associated contaminants (such as dust, silica, water runoff and radioactive substances) will have on:
• Existing horticultural and agricultural grazing and support industries
• River and Town water quality; ground water.
• Community health.
• Noise and dust pollution.
• Social impact, property values and traffic and roads.
• The Gippsland Lakes which are already under pressure.
• Sediments and the effects on fish hatcheries and flora, fauna and endangered species.

This is a highly inappropriate location for a mine, where people live, work and children go to school.
The loss of historic and significance aboriginal culture and heritage and the loss of significant remnant vegetation including over 400 mature shade and habitat trees in the area.

The airborne dust generated from the mine is known to contain numerous toxic heavy metals and radioactive Mon-azite and Thorium as well as Silica (which causes lung disease when inhaled). This dust has the potential to con-taminate pastures, crops and domestic and stock water for several kilometres from the mine.
Our heritage listed Mitchell River (part of the Gippsland Lakes) is as close as 350m downwind and the Lindenow Valley vegetable growing area begins 400m downwind from the mine. Contamination from airborne dust and leaching into the Mitchell River (the water supply to irrigate the vegetable crops) could threaten jobs and destroy the ‘clean green’ image of Lindenow Valley grown produce.

The Woodglen water storage, the source of Bairnsdale’s’ drinking water is 3.5km from the mine.
East Gippsland is experiencing a prolonged drought following below average to lowest on record rainfall since 2016.The mine will likely require over 4,000,000,000 litres of water each year (for 20 years) – the same supplied annually to all domestic/commercial water users in East Gippsland.
We seek your support for our local community who are small in number but big in heart v’s the large mining corporates and CLC’s call to act for all creation. I encourage all CLC members to please go to the website below for further infor-mation, and sign the petition to stop and curtail the develop-ment of the mineral sands mine at Glenaladale.

Chris Power CLC Bairnsdale

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