Conversion as Transformation: Lonergan, Mentors and Cinema

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February 9, 2020
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March 2, 2020

Conversion as Transformation: Lonergan, Mentors and Cinema

Attention Leaders of Spiritual Formation Programs: New Book

I am letting you know about a new book that I have just had published. It is called “Conversion as Transformation: Lonergan, Mentors and Cinema.” The book’s purpose is to open a conversation and provide a framework for human transformation toward authenticity which is so much needed in today’s spiritual, political and social climate. The insights of the Canadian theologian and philosopher Bernard Lonergan have been made accessible for building a framework for human transformation. This work was written for Christian disciples, spiritual seekers, preachers, catechists and people involved in adult education (especially RCIA and other Faith sharing Groups) in mind. I hope that people especially Catholics and other Christians seeking to explore more deeply their journey of faith and communal living will appreciate what Lonergan, his lasting contribution to Christian thought and, other holy men and women, and other insightful writers might offer the task of transformation. I illustrate many of the insights through the medium of cinema which has become such a powerful artistic tool for telling stories that help us to understand and appreciate our own story and human living toward authenticity. I commend it to you.

Dominic Arcamone

Following attachment is an extract for your reference: About Conversion as Transformation 1

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