The Assembly Has Ended

W.A. Amiens Day 9
August 12, 2023
After the World Assembly
August 14, 2023

The Assembly Has Ended

The Assembly has ended! I feel both relieved and sad: relieved that the 10 days of concentration, and of mediocre food, is over, and sad because I don’t know when I’ll see my new friends again. We had a party last night: the bar was open till midnight and we did a lot of folk dancing (but not till midnight!).

Yesterday we held the elections using, for the first time, technology on our Amiens app. It worked! Anna’s finger was worn out with clicking! Re-elected: Daphne Ho (VP) and Catherine Waiyaki (consultor); newly elected President Chris Micallef (Malta), Consultors Franklin Ibanez (Peru), Inji Fayez (Egypt), Catherine Kelly (Canada) and Cecilia Martinez (Spain). This process took some time as there were close runs, especially with Chris and Franklin whose first ballot gave them exactly 50% each!

After the lunch break (during which we started to pack our bags) the four writers (among them our own James O’Brien) presented a draft text of the final document and took further suggestions from the floor (plenty of those!). Overall everyone was happy with the way the text was developing. It will not appear in its final form for a month or two. Btw, James not only was a writer: he conducted the elections as Returning Officer with grat aplomb AND he played a piece on the cello! Quel talent! Incroyable!

Then the thank yous and the closing of the Assembly, at which the clowns made another appearance. They help lift the mood and make us playful.

The final mass was joyful. Fr Jose, the vice EA, gave us a marvellous and illustrated homily. He also told us that with this 10th Eucharist every language of every CLC country had been spoken (in the readings, prayers or hymns).

Now each of us is making his/her way to other destinations – Africa, Asia, the Americas, other parts of Europe. For a few days we were one community in one place – now we are one community spread around the globe. We carry the fire of hope to rekindle the hearts of every CLCer for our missions.

Anna, Noreen and Iain signing out.



Photos: illustrated homily, blessing on a new Wexco member, the old and new Wexco together, closing thanks to the volunteers (150 of them but not all on stage) with the clowns,

Jenny Gardner
Jenny Gardner
I have been a member of CLC for over 30 years. I have been a member of the National Executive for 13 years.

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  1. A brilliant summary. Thank you so much for keeping us abreast of the Assembly. Blessings to all as they disperse.

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