W.A. Amiens Day 9

Day 8 Amiens Assembly
August 12, 2023
The Assembly Has Ended
August 13, 2023

W.A. Amiens Day 9

The Australian proposal. “Give me your love and your grace, that is all I need.””

Thus began Day 9, as things came together. This was the day of voting on the Amendments.

#1 Changing the wording of GP 21 regarding terms of office.

#2 WEXCO to undertake a comprehensive review of the General Principles & General Norms.

#3 WEXCO & the World Ecology Commission to review the principles in light of Laudato Si, (the Australian proposal)

#4 The Budget.

All amendments were accepted.

In the afternoon we heard from the  Writing Team, who were weaving all the final threads into a  comprehensive yet succinct document. James O’Brien is a  hard-working member of this team.

We spent the evening sharing a meal in Amiens town centre.

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  1. Looks like the new WEXCO has a mandate. May the Holy Spirit be with them as they work to shape CLC ever more closely into the body of Christ.

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