World Assembly News from Amiens

YES – God is in the details
July 31, 2023
W.A. Amiens Day 2
August 5, 2023

World Assembly News from Amiens

After a jolly welcome from the Assembly clowns at the train station, we settled into our shared accommodation at La Providence, a Jesuit school. The school has students from kinder to bachelor’s degrees and trade school qualifications.

Our first Assembly day commenced with Eucharist and beautiful music provided by the French organising team.  We had a welcome and explanation of the way of proceeding with open minds and hearts. The day progressed with mapping how many were present from the 6 regions about 200 in attendance. Then we attended our harbour small group who we will stay with throughout the duration of the assembly.

We have been invited to talk to the 23 candidates that have put themselves forward for 7 positions in the World Exco election which will happen on the final day of the Assembly.

It is a privilege to be with CLCers from around the world.






  1. I’m glad you arrived safely and seem to be enjoying what promises to be an exciting 9 days of encounters with CLCers from around the globe. Can’t wait to hear more from the four of you!

  2. Stephen Game Stephen Game says:

    Thanks for this great update & overview of your first Assembly day. I expect it will be informative and interesting to talk individually with the 23 candidates who are being considered for the 7 positions within the World Exco. I’m am curious about the diversity of views that these candidates may offer, specific to our CLC’s future priorities. I hope you all enjoy & are stimulated by your respective harbour small groups. Continue to enjoy!!!

  3. Sounds like you’re off to a good start. I like that there’s a possibility to talk with each of the candidates. I hope each of you get on well with your assigned small group.

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