W.A. Amiens Day 2

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August 4, 2023
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August 5, 2023

W.A. Amiens Day 2

Today we met in different groups from yesterday which we will stay in for the remainder of the Assembly. The focus was on the apostolic Initiatives which regions promoted through videos (have you seen ours?!) and posters. This day’s spiritual exercises moved us gradually into discernment mode as we were asked to apply our 5 senses to the data.

Something good we observe is the leadership of women in this Assembly: most of those who appear on the stage or issue guidance or help us in all sorts of ways are women. But it was a man who made the flower arrangments (egalite!).

The organisation of this Assembly, as you can imagine, is massive but it has clearly been planned down to the last detail. An app has been created with all the information on it, including where our groups meet and the questions we have to ponder. We can even whatsapp each member like ‘chat’ on zoom.

The quality of the music for mass and prayer has been excellent. There have been a couple of setbacks, though, for some people here – vegetarians are not catered for … and Anna’s mobile has resisted being connected to anything!


  1. Stephen Game Stephen Game says:

    Can you give us a sense of the diversity within your respective small groups? For example, what are the different countries represented from your respective small groups & the range of years members have been in CLC? Second, the graph of ‘Distribution of apostolic initiatives’ looks interesting & I assume this from a world CLC perspective. Could you give some context on this, as interesting environment is lowest & a I’m not sure what globalisation refers to within this context?

  2. Can you post photos of the Ecology prayer wall or any displays created by the different teams (ie formation, youth, etc).

  3. Technology can be so frustrating. Poor Anna! BUT how delightful that we can receive a day by day account of the Assembly -with photos!! Sitting with short sleeves in the sun is making me envious!
    I am very concerned that dietary requirements have not been catered for. I’m curious whether this is a cultural sensitivity. It is so prevalent now in Australia to request participants in events to notify regarding their dietary restrictions. We want you back hale and hearty, Iain!
    I will be praying for you all in the Mass of the Transfiguration tomorrow.

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